With over 30 years experience Northstar Martial Arts is a name you can trust. Suitable for men, women or children of any age or fitness level we guarantee that even after your first class you will have usable self defence skills that will stay with you for life.

When you call, we discuss which time and location that best suits you and then book a time for your free class. You get see what it’s all about before committing to anything.When you arrive for your free lesson you’ll be welcomed by our friendly Northstar Staff.

You might want to come to class a couple of minutes early to fill in some basic details, you’ll also get all the latest information on class times and how to get your best value for your money. Costs depends on how much you train, but the average class is $11 for a 1 hour class for adults and $17.50 for children. Children’s class lasts from 30-50min.

New people start training with us at every class. It does not matter if you have not worked out for a while, you will soon find your own level. You’ll be buddied with a more experienced student to help you through your first lesson and with any questions so you’ll know what’s happening at all times. We recommend comfortable work out gear.

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Andy Dickinson is one of the Martial Arts highest achievers. He has spent many years travelling and studying many methods of martial arts worldwide. He founded Northstar Martial Arts in Sydney and now devotes himself completely to teaching and inspiring peace through martial arts.

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