Excelling at Grading.

At gradings, students are assessed and given a score. From this score the student will be marked against the other students, with the top scores earning a “Northstar Excellence Certificate”. The certificates that your son/daughter receives at their extra-cirricular activities are great for motivation and confidence and even better to add to your child’s portfolio when applying for high school. Below you can down load a copy of the grading sheet.  Also below is a copy of the things that we look for when grading the children. This is directly from the trainers manual. You can use this to help your child understand what grading is all about and prepare them to get the most out of the experience.

Gradings have to be a positive experience. The only failure is the student not trying their best and knowing it. In order to qualify for grading you need to have satisfied the attendance requirement and now have to qualify for the green tape on the belt. So once you have attendance up (2 black stripes for white to yellow, 3 black strips for yellow to green and 4 black stripes for green and above), the student will be awarded green tape based on their technical ability and class behaviour.

Kids Grading Sheet (655 downloads)

Download “Grading notes” Grading-Requirements-Notes.pdf – Downloaded 861 times – 94 KB

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