Click on and print out your latest syllabus information. Please make sure that you have all the required boxes signed to be qualified to grade.

Fast track your training. The Northstar Ju Jitsu Online Academy is now available to all students. Now you can learn all the great  Northstar Ju Jitsu  moves no matter where you are. The Academy is jam packed with detailed explanations, photo displays and video presentations as well as information on grading, sparring and self defence. There is also a great module on the NSJJ history. it is designed to be used in conjunction with class attendance.  Just click here to preview

Download “Important Grading Notes” Important-Notes.pdf – Downloaded 438 times – 70 KB

Download “White Belt” White.pdf – Downloaded 535 times – 90 KB

Download “Yellow Belt” Yellow.pdf – Downloaded 539 times – 87 KB

Download “Green Tip” GreenTip.pdf – Downloaded 541 times – 85 KB

Download “Green Belt” Green.pdf – Downloaded 533 times – 90 KB

Download “Blue Tip” BlueTip.pdf – Downloaded 470 times – 88 KB

Download “Blue Belt” Blue.pdf – Downloaded 432 times – 88 KB

Download “Brown Tip” BrownTip.pdf – Downloaded 369 times – 94 KB

Download “Brown Belt” Brown.pdf – Downloaded 338 times – 90 KB

Download “Red Tip” RedTip.pdf – Downloaded 260 times – 86 KB

Download “Red Belt” Red_2016.pdf – Downloaded 369 times – 98 KB


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The essence of Andy's teaching is correct martial arts training is a great method of personal growth. It can be studied on the surface to get fit and learn self-defense and it can also lead to incredible changes in self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline and self knowledge.

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