Hi Sensei.

I have been meaning to thank you quietly for a number of months now and i took the opportunity today to do it but i don’t think i made myself clear so i will try now.

I am 34 years old now. Many years ago, up until age 20, i was a very fit person and managed to push myself through barriers that were in front of me. Mentally and physically.

Fast forward 13 years and i have had a full and amazing life, except i had lost that mental and physical tougheness i had all those years ago. I would say to myself, i used to have the ‘eye of the tiger’ but i have lost it somewhere in the last decade. I would go for a jog and give up after only a short period and walk, even though i felt physically fine.  The ‘eye of the tiger’ as it means to me, was the ability to smash through the walls physically and mentally during excercise.

Through your dojo, and through you, and all of your trainers, and all of the senior students pushing me along the way, i now have it back. There is not a single class in the 11 months i have been training in your program, where i have left the dojo, with anything left to give. Right from the first class i pushed myself to my limit and i have been growing ever since.

I can’t even imagine where i will be mentally and physically 5, 10, 20 years down the track but i am looking forward to seeing where i end up.

Thank you Sensei Andy for allowing me into your Dojo.



I very much enjoyed my first class. The senior belt that helped me through my first class was amazing. I was quite nervous but everyone was so friendly and I loved how there were all levels of experience in the room. There was such an aura of peace, respect and hard work\focus. It is exactly what I was looking for. Not only do I look forward to developing my fitness and physical strength but I find myself second guessing myself and doubting my actions at times, so I hope that I can work on this through my martial arts as well. I am also thinking it will help me to calm my thoughts in moments of stress.

I have signed up for the two classes a week membership and hope to train at north sydney on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Andy Sensei,

Just a short note to express my gratitude for the change Northstar Martial Arts brought to my life.

I had a fairly serious spinal operation in May 2013 after a prolonged period of painful nerve damage and I truly thought that, physically, I would be incapacitated. I joined Northstar in February 2014 and have found the training, teaching methodology, the variety of training, the camaraderie and respect shown by instructors and students regardless of levels/belt colour, very motivating. All the trainers, bar none, bring something unique to each session: Ben’s focus and humour, Darren’s amazing commitment and technique, Max’s enthusiasm and kindness and Ed’s sharpness and agility…I could go on…

The grading experience over the weekend was truly inspirational and made me believe that with the right mindset and commitment, anything can be achieved.

Again, thank you and your fabulous team for changing my life and giving me the physical challenge that was but a dream a year ago.


I feel completely comfortable in class

My Martial Arts training has been fantastic so far, other than helping me become stronger physically it has given me a lot more confidence in my day, especially when I am out about on my own. I am calmer and seem to approach any conflict in my day with a lot more ease.

I like that everyone form black to brown to blue all the way down to white belt train together and help each other out – sort of like a big team, everyone supporting one another but also learning as individuals. I feel completely comfortable in class.

The patience and calm in your teaching, and the way you approach all situations in a peaceful way makes it easy to come to class as well, when I started I thought we were going to be bent and bruised and yelled at, but it is not that way at all.

Martial Arts training is a personal journey for me, I have learned that I need to commit myself fully if I am to grow from this experience, every lesson I learn something new or become stronger I feel so good about myself. I am loving every minute and having so much fun, thanks!


 I feel proud to be a student of Northstar Martial Arts

Since joining the team in May, I have felt so much better about my own personal journey and much more self confidence. I really respect Andy and the trainers and feel honoured to be a part of such a great school. I have met many good friends thus far and it’s a shame I cannot train more. As my own personal goals are to attain a black belt under your teaching and to become a trainer myself one day, I am committed to getting the most out of each class I attend.

 Benefits I have received from Martial Arts have been most importantly discipline. As I am a catholic, it has strengthened my own personal beliefs and values and helped me to realise what love and service is all about.

 I feel proud to be a student of Northstar Martial Arts and hope to stay with the school for many years to come.


Unique and invaluable lessons

The lessons I have learned during from the Northstar  program have also been unique and invaluable. On Saturday night I was lucky enough to be taken along to the Rugby league test (Oz vs England), and it was my Northstar training that allowed me to not only avoid a vicious alcohol fueled brawl right next to where I was sitting, but also to identify the looming fight and assist my hosts in getting out of the danger area promptly.

Thanks once again for your interest and willingness to help me to progress

Robert Hughes

Northstar changed my whole way of life!

I have only been training in martial arts for 3 months but can honestly say that it has changed my whole way of life. I realise this sounds dramatic but the statement is 100% true. Of course physically, I have benefited incredibly during my time at Northstar. I feel fitter and stronger at 34 than I ever did in my twenties.

And considering this time last year I was overweight and lethargic at 84kg and I now weigh 63kg and full of energy I think it goes without saying that the intense cardio training in our Northstar classes has played a major role in my quest to get into shape.

More importantly than the physical strength I have gained during my training is the mental strength I have built which is very much an unexpected but welcome surprise to me. I seem to look at things differently, more calmly than I used to. At first I thought it was down to the fact that any aggression I may have would be released during the physical training in class but I now realise that I am developing a different view on life in general.

Admittedly before I started martial arts training, I was under the impression it was all about defending yourself and getting fitter. Which of course is a major part of Northstar but the mental and emotional training we receive at Northstar is actually now just as, if not more important to me and is becoming the major factor that keeps me committed to my training.  I’ve noticed the change in the person I am and my partner has noticed too. I was by no means a tense person before but I definitely have a calmness about me now.

I now find I look forward to the start of the week and hope the week lasts longer instead of willing it away to the weekend. I look forward to progressing and challenging myself in each and every class. I’m really enjoying my training and plan to keep on doing so for a long time to come!


For a while pre joining, for a long time after and occasionally now, I have suffered from depression. NorthStar has (and continues) to help me with my inner demons….it has been the best drug whenever I feel down.


Please thank Sensei Andy for me. I must say that I have not experienced a better service, attention or support in any other sporting organisation. It is an absolute credit to Sensei. I hope to drop in from time to time to watch others train.


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The essence of Andy's teaching is correct martial arts training is a great method of personal growth. It can be studied on the surface to get fit and learn self-defense and it can also lead to incredible changes in self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline and self knowledge.

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