• Members of Budo Ju Jitsu Federation
  • Members of Aust Ju Jitsu Federation
  • Members of PCYC Australia
  • Child Protection Agency Checked
  • NCAS level 1 or level 2 Coaches
  • First Aid Trained


  • Polite
  • Respectful
  • Confident
  • Calm
  • Supportive

social benefits

  • Approachable and helpful
  • Interaction of students all levels
  • Active mentoring
  • Community focused
  • Long term friendships
  • Team work
To teach is one of the greatest joys, privileges and responsibilities one can experience.

The great thing about training at Northstar is the number of trainers on the floor. In the adults class we have the support of several trainers and black belts to assist beginners. And in the children’s class we have one trainer to five children, which is quite unique in Martial Arts.

What a tremendous gift, being able to inspire other people to reach their own greatness, to teach the lessons and habits of champions and to instill permanent change in people that they previously thought impossible. Great info on beginning Martial Arts.

To change the pattern of confidence and self-esteem and guide people way beyond their preconceived barriers is indeed the greatest gift you can give someone.

Trainers are people that want to make a difference, people that want to push further and reach higher toward their potential. Being part of the Northstar Trainers team is being part of an elite team of individuals that understand and recognise that being a trainer means that you are also on your path to improve all aspects of your life.

A Northstar trainer is a leader! Just by being out in front of a group of students, you are empowering them in some way. Testimonials.

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